The Certified Safe Work Environment Program is a certificate program offered by RD Soles and Associates, LLC, organized on a multi-level certification basis, providing information pertaining to the security fundamentals of an organization. All stake holders should engage in ongoing research and improvements prior to and after the certification process.

This certification program is intended for corporate and private entities to capture their current security status, provide a measure of how they compare to the industry standards, and verify that they are providing reasonable and prudent protection for their people, property, and information. The standards and requirements are derived from government and industry principles and developed for companies to help understand their overall protective level and security awareness. Additionally, this process is helpful to security professionals who need to gain breadth and depth in their security knowledge and skills. This certification does not confer or imply to replace existing standards or regulations. Companies must follow the official guidelines as set forth by their government and other professional organizations. Certified status is only an indicator of successful completion of a defined five pillared security review. RD Soles and Associates, LLC, does not and cannot certify that successfully undergoing the certification will make the environment more secure or free of incident. Security has many unforeseen and uncontrollable variables in any specific situation, making it impossible to guarantee or warrant any particular outcome that avoids all potential harm under any circumstances. Certification also is not a guarantee or assurance of the competence or ability of any particular security device, process, or individual. Further, given the rapid changes in the environment, RD Soles and Associates, LLC, cannot warrant that the examination and other certification materials will, at all times, reflect the most current environment. Any entity being certified or otherwise using the services of a company that has been certified should rely on his or her own independent judgment or, as appropriate, seek the advice of a competent professional in regarding any aspect of the security environment.

Information about Certificants is provided by the Certificants themselves and verified to the best extent by RD Soles and Associates, LLC, and RD Soles and Associates, LLC, is not responsible for any incorrect or outdated information about Certificants, including their office addresses or any other contact information. RD Soles and Associates, LLC does not assume any duty to the public for the services of Certificants, or for any information about Certificants or any other person or entity participating in or receiving professional guidance from Certificants.