Become a Certified
Secure Work Environment

What is unique?

  • When you commit to the Center, we commit to supporting you forever with security surveys, expertise and advice.  We will not leave behind a list of recommendations and disappear.  The Center assists you for life with routine questions as well as emergencies.
  • We base our independent evaluations on all five disciplines of Security when we add Information and Personnel Security to our package.  Security based on Physical, Technical and Protective alone are not sufficient.  It does no good if your proprietary information is hacked or if you have an untrustworthy employee.
  • Risks and threats evolve and change at a rapid pace.  Surveys based upon the current risk or threat quickly become obsolete.  Our comprehensive review do not revolve solely around the current environment.  Our surveys will stand the test of time as we provide an all-encompassing view of your Security status across all aspects.
  • Our surveys allow YOU to make the decisions regarding improvements and upgrades.  We provide the facts you need to make a logical and sound business decision.

The Process of Certification

Join the Center for a Secure Work Environment and an inspector, steeped in the knowledge of the five disciplines, will begin the thorough Security survey process to officially certify your work environment as secure. The Security professional will research, conduct interviews, do on-site inspections, benchmark with similar organizations and gather everything needed for a comprehensive Security Plan that addresses all five pillars of Security.

A Certified Work Environment

Employers have a legal, moral and ethical responsibility to prevent deliberate attacks against their employees, customers, property and information. The determination of adequate security practices varies widely between individuals, organizations and professional entities. The Center certifies to employers that they are a Secure Work Environment.

The Center’s Certification as a Secure Work Environment removes any doubt about your Security structure. A full analysis of your current Security practices as they compare across industry will clearly demonstrate your commitment to providing the protection you require.

Security standards and practices collected from around the world are logically, individually and independently evaluated.

Our Advisory Board is comprised of Security professionals with over 150 years of experience in all five aspects of Security. The Advisory Board will individually review the Security Plan, ask follow up questions of the inspector, conduct independent research and provide a final assessment of your Security posture. The Security Plan will then be accredited.

Based on an accredited Security Plan, you will be Certified as a Secure Work Environment. The Center will provide a certificate and plaque indicating that you do have a Certified Secure Work Environment.

Good Security practices continually evolve and in need of attention. It is an ongoing process and The Center will continue to provide support for you with yearly reviews of your Security Plan. We also will re-certify at five year intervals.