The Center for a
Secure Work Environment

About RD Soles and Associates, LLC

Building on a Solid Structure

There are five pillars to a good security structure in an organization. Traditionally, the five security disciplines are taught independently to individuals and only the individuals get certified. However, these five disciplines often conflict and dovetail with each other. A cohesive security program must incorporate all disciplines.

The Center for a Secure Work Environment combines all five disciplines into an accredited Security Plan and certifies a Secure Work Environment. We provide assurance to managers that they are appropriately protecting their people, property and information. The Secure Work Environment Certification conveys your dedication to ensure the employees are safe, secure, appropriately protected and that their hard work is valued.

The Center

Formed in January 2016 by current and former Security officers in the Intelligence Community, RD Soles and Associates is dedicated to answering the question; “Are my people, property and information secure?” Too many times, security companies leave behind a laundry list of suggested security enhancements and then disappear. These same security companies typically focus their efforts on mitigating just one specific threat or focus their efforts on one or two current risks. The Center’s efforts are all-encompassing and continual. We will provide you a wholesome product and assist you with all future endeavors.

By joining The Center for a Secure Work Environment, you are connecting with other like-minded companies, the latest trends in security, and access to Security professionals with a significant breadth and depth of knowledge in the security disciplines. Individually assigned inspectors bring the Center’s spectrum of security knowledge to your project and provide a logical and thorough third party evaluation.